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Profession Cashier


A cashier is an employee who performs transactions with cash and securities. The name of the profession implies a specially equipped place to perform job duties - a cashier's desk. However, it is not always a prerequisite for the job.

If we are talking about the cashier at the enterprise, then his working conditions are little different from other workers. A special feature may be the presence of a safe and a closer supervision by security personnel. This is not the case with the cashiers of banks and other financial institutions. As a rule, they work with clients in special rooms or through a cash register.

The job duties of a cashier

It is possible to identify a certain set of responsibilities that are specific to each cashier:

  • reception of money;
  • Disbursement of money;
  • drawing up documents;
  • Checking cash for counterfeiting;
  • Ensuring storage of cash.

Cashiers may be involved in manipulating electronic money or securities. Such operations require additional skills and knowledge.

Pros and cons

Among the advantages of the profession of a cashier are the following points:

  • Demand for qualified specialists;
  • comfortable working conditions;
  • competitive wages (depends on the company).
  • Disadvantages are also present:
  • high responsibility;
  • limited opportunities for career growth;
  • psychological burden;
  • danger (if we are talking about working with cash).

Training and Career

To work as a cashier, it is important to know cash discipline and have a specialized education. It is not necessary to have a diploma from a higher educational institution.

Higher education will be a good help for career advancement. However, career advancement opportunities for a cashier are quite limited. An employee with high qualifications and an excellent reputation may qualify for a senior cashier position. Obtaining a more significant managerial position depends on the structure of the company and the ambitions of the employee.

Job Search

A cashier is a fairly common profession. No enterprise and financial institution can function without such an employee. That is why representatives of this profession have enough opportunities for successful employment. It is important to understand that employees of the personnel department first of all study the teller resume of applicants. It is necessary to compose this document qualitatively, filling it with useful and truthful information. The specified data will be checked at a personal interview (if there will be one). If the hiring manager discovers a discrepancy between the facts on the resume and reality, the chances of getting a job will decrease dramatically.